KEISHA tackles…

Women’s Professional Football

Your girl, Keisha, has been offered the opportunity to tryout and possibly get on a women’s professional football team. The New York Sharks is the only women’s tackle football team in the area.

Now for those that know me, trying out and making a football team is not a challenge for me (in my prime). The real challenge is trying out and possibly making a football team with less than ZERO days of training and conditioning at the age of 30.
Follow me as I push myself to the limit and test my strength against the Tri-state area’s toughest women.
For those that are wondering about the position that I might play, well, I was thinking that I might fit the role of quarterback or wide receiver and I definitely want to be on special teams as kickoff return to display my “dipping” skills that I learned from back in the day in the Gesner parking lot.
My tryout will be with the New York Sharks on Saturday, January 23 at 9am in Brooklyn, NY.
I made the team!!!

Keisha Salmon

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  1. Well,its gnna b difficult with no type of training n Quaterback…??? Idk,but what i do knw is that u whatever u put ur mind to do,u get it done !!!

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