Free Wine Stops Flowin’…

Silk Road Palace Restaurant NYC

October 6, 2010 will always be remember as a dark day in New York City… no, American history. The Restaurant is no more. If you have never been… I’m sorry. The place you see above, it’s government name, Silk Road Palace, better known as The Restaurant by it’s most loyalist patrons, was the most awesomest restaurant EVER! It was the pinnacle of pre-game action — food, free unlimited wine, friends, the staff and of course Frank. That place will be missed.

You can go there with a group of 3 or 4 and leave there with half the restaurant venturing on to put that pre-game wine to play. We would sing, dance, make random toast to any and everything. It was cheers without a real bar, it was the place you imagined you would create once you “got on”. It was real and we got to see it live and in person.

Who took it from us and why. We may never know but we have memories, jokes, and of course pictures to keep the The Restaurant alive in our hearts.

Thank you staff of Silk Road Palace, thank you Frank, owner of the best moments in pre-gaming, thank you to all the patrons that laughed, sang and toast with us, thank you to friends who put other friends on, and a special thank you to the unlimited flowing wine; you were the most clutch of them all.

Dry cry.

Keisha Salmon

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