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What Keisha doesn't know about Marketing is probably not worth knowing. As the Head of our USA/Canada offices during our time together at Mobile Fun, she was an enormous help with facilitating and assisting on a wide range of country matters. In her role as Marketing Manager, she proved herself to be a focused, diligent hardworking team player who was able to assimilate herself into the company very quickly while delivering on set company goals. I rate her marketing skills very highly and would recommend her as a safe pair of hands to any potential employer.

Demi A. Adelusi. MCIPD, MSc, LLM (Solicitor), Head of HR at Mobile Fun

Keisha was a bright, charming, hard-working colleague who turned into a strong merchandiser for me at Her expertise in the video game biz was essential and impressive. And her attention to data and details was a relief -- just the kind of commitment you need in retail. Witty and gracious, Keisha would be a boon to any office environment and anyone who needs a competent, get-it-done employee.

Seth Kaufman, VP of Merchandising at Barnes &

Keisha definitely knows her skills and is very creative . I would recommend her to anyone that was interested in hiring her.

Hymie Dweck, Founder at Mastermedia

Keisha Salmon tended to all tasks related to our PR and Marketing dept in the US. She quickly got into her role and I was very impressed by her ability to perform in such an international environment as well as such a dynamic industry. She quickly adapted to our corporate culture and was able to work very well with the rest of the team based in Europe. Keisha was often left on her own accord to tend to all daily tasks and responsibilities. Her dedication to the job and loyalty to the company are some of her key strengths and will make her an asset to any future employers

Susana Meza, Chief Operating Officer at Paradox Interactive